“I can affirm without hesitation that the support that you have provided at a range of levels has been by far the most valuable that has been available to me. Indeed, your expertise on the technical aspects of these applications has been just a starting point for your involvement, since the experience that you have built up as a technical reviewer for the AHRC has meant that you have been able to provide inputs in a variety of ways.” (Researcher)

“Thanks a million, we owe you a great debt.”(Researcher)

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am … for your continued support for this project. In fact I was thinking about it yesterday and really you have helped make it a much better project!” (Researcher)

“It was so kind of you to give me so much of your time. I really appreciate it, even if I feel rather overawed at how much there is to learn. … You seemed to go off with rather a long list of ‘things to do’ – I hope you don’t come to regret your generous offer of help.” (Researcher)

“I’ve really enjoyed working … on what has been an incredibly rewarding project. Unfortunately I graduate this June, so will not be able to carry on doing what has been an absolute pleasure to be involved with. … It is my intention to further my academic career after graduating, with a view to potentially working in arts computing specifically. With this regard therefore, the scheme has been fundamental in informing my knowledge of the area, and indeed introducing me to IT skills I never thought I’d get the hang of, nor be able to utilise confidently and successfully.” (Student Intern)

“It has been an honour and a very positive learning experience working with you on this project. I wish you success in implementing the RDM within the university in the nearest future. Thank you for a rare opportunity.” (Student Intern)

“This is an exceptionally well written proposal, setting out its general goals with clarity. The applicant gives confidence at every level, presenting few issues for thought or clarification. The digital outcomes are well defined, and supported by relevant resources and management. This is likely to produce a very successful resource, with usefulness to scholars and the general public alike.” (Academic Peer Reviewer)

“Here – in the details of the technical appendices and in the timetable spread sheet, for example – the proposal speaks eloquently and lucidly for itself. There is little room to doubt the feasibility of the project nor its successful completion on time.” (Academic Peer Reviewer)